Irrigation System Design

The Irrigation System Design Process

Client Interview

We will meet with you and determine your needs, site contraints and budget. From there we can develop and action plan.


We prepare a detailed cost estimate along with alternative designs.

Site Inspection

Kerr Sprinkler Systems will prepare a detailed site analysis with a Field Survey keeping in mind of Ecological Impacts, Zoning and Servicing Constraints.

Construction Details

We then prepare construction drawings and review with the client. If required, we also prepare Tender Documents and Specifications.


We establish a construction time-table with sub-trades, utilities and the client to ensure the most efficient use of time and materials. We complete the project on-time and on-budget.

Post Construction

Upon completion, we conduct a post constsruction evaluation and ensure all standards are met then conduct a orientation meeting with the client on operation and maintenace.


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